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Now suppose that is slightly damaged human hair weave, to do the stereotypes, but in reality, most of the extent of the damage will be more serious cases, let us look at what kind of hot humid measures could be taken? How to choose the diameter of the damaged hair curls to do? To facilitate understanding, we include healthy hair, highly damaged hair after perm, hot heat wave made the same comparison. Healthy hair is easy to see the effect, so use smaller than 17mm curls waves needed, agents have a shorter time to control the waves. Drug use skin acid, in order the better to retain the 10 minutes. Hair health, waves will be very beautiful. 1.3 times the test is finalized curls waves, so need to use slightly larger than a 23mm wave curls. Hair due to the use of skin health histidine, but a short time, is set to 5 minutes. The use of "extended" and "glass" effect satisfactory wavy hair, and because healthy hair, hair color glossy shine on people highly damaged cheap human hair extensions dye is mostly due to excessive, so use a 29mm diameter curls , agents should also be set to milder products. Retention period only if you do not then there would be the effect, so you want to keep t0 minutes. Since the height of the damaged hair, so even if the use of cosmetics will feel edgy. Compared with the hot heat healthy hair do, the pursuit of the same size waves, to use the same diameter curls. To control for the degree of softening, to use a mild cosmetic effect, time is set to 5 minutes. Even damaged hair, as long as the change agent and what time, you can also get the same charming wave. Furthermore, the volumes should follow 1.3 times the diameter of the test is the law of styling hair volume effect, and healthy human hair weave is the same as using a 23mm diameter on OK.

Beauty salon industry has always been consumer complaints "disaster area", how to make the industry regulate them? Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province Health Authority came up with a "brilliant idea": the public simply by mobile two-dimensional code scanning can obtain information hairdressing units. [Year] Haishu Health Authority inspectors Lu Fei align the two-dimensional code, you can sweep a prompt, then we open the link in this link where we can see, Haishu District hairdressing workplace health management platform to display . The explanation is that through this platform, consumers can view real-time hairdressing units of "basic information", "health card information officer", "Products cable card information" and "relevant laws and regulations." As a result, the public will not have to worry about these health problems of employees, or the authenticity of the product used, problems like some consumers are most concerned about. It is understood that Haishu Health Authority has been in place for nearly 40 beauty salons within their jurisdiction, try to run the management platform for a month, whether consumers or businesses, all of it Pingjiapogao. Reporters learned that the wisdom of such a regulation, in the beauty salon industry to implement the two-dimensional code information public, the country was still a first home. Next, Haishu District Health Authority will be in the region of nearly 700 beauty salons place, to promote the two-dimensional code information publicity. If the regulation in place, a high degree of community involvement, it is also possible to further promote a comprehensive public places in the region, so that more people enjoy the open, transparent and secure environment for consumers.

Long cheap human hair style is difficult to color, especially at the end of the party season, wants more suction eye shape is not easy, even if you do not want in the hair color or hair length make much change, it can also let modeling became pale fringe pattern body! Just like a model so that the tail will make messy curly human hair extensions, bangs into a flower hair care, such as hair accessories flowers braided hair looks like dotting play a key role, so that the hair can be embarrassing exquisite charm , quickly learn it! From the side, braided curly human hair wigs fringe part of the buckle in the head like a hat, like a small filling elegance, soft curls around the neck so that the shape of the contour more fluffy nature, play a modified face and head imperfect type key role. First, we will do after the vertical lace front human hair wigs within the volume, with a sharp tail comb, brow and head in the right center of the line to do the hair around the partition, the dividing line should not be too stiff straight, natural arc divided on it. More human hair bob wigs volume from one side of the boundary at the appropriate amount of the two strands of human hair braids. The two strands of hair cross each other, turn clockwise twist, twisted like elastic moderate, but in a compact shape can make the hair look more loose with sex, regardless of the shape of the street or the party was not unexpected. Mei Feng at the top of the wigs human hair back off the disc up to make the petals, secured by clamps, and finally with cheap human hair extensions sticks to the tail of the inside and outside to create a stack of volumes traded, gently insert your fingers fiddle fleas in human hair loose, so that the overall shape is more refined aesthetic Finally, this elegant gorgeous bangs braided curly weave human hair styling is complete, is not instantly make mediocrity full lace wigs human hair makeover, you Come try it hands.

Korean short cheap human hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged a beautiful Korean hair tie, will shape the Korean actress-like qualities, oh. The short full lace human hair wigs fluffy wave plunged hair, slightly curled Qi Liu, reveals a little fresh air, a little small feminine. Korean short half wig human hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step one: From the top of the head with a small rubber band to tie up a small ponytail, ponytails cross on the left ear. Korean short hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step two: the right head of human hair lace front wigs for black women, and just Zhaqi tail, along with bundled together and fixed with a rubber band. Korean short hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step three: second at the hair from the hair, picked up a handful of his hair, repeating the first and second step, tied with a rubber band. Korean short hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step Four: The second tie of the human hair wigs with bangs, to cover the top of the first bundle of hair, tie is the direction you rotate the two hair. Korean short milky way human hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step Five: After completing the first three steps, hand to get neat and fluffy texture a bit, as shown in FIG. Korean short hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged Step Six: again from a low point of hair, removed a handful of hair, repeating the second and third steps, and then tied the front hair are overwritten, and finally the remaining ombre human hair extensions, are to the left Zhaqi together, tie hair done. Korean short virgin human hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged back figure: from behind, fluffy ball head hair is tied into three hierarchical small bar made, and then all the hair tied into a bundle, creative. Korean short hair fluffy full lace human hair wigs Bobo plunged Step 7: roll with point stick, put in front of Liu Qi, curved inward, get an arc, and then comb comb a little tidy, so a Korean short hair fluffy hair Bobo plunged to complete Oh !